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Complete circuit guide and schedule for the 2017 Formula One season

Have all of the race tracks of the 2017 F1 season available at your finger tips with this race calendar. In addition to the countdown to the next race day, you can view current driver and team standings, and you have the option to save the event to your calendar. Standings are updated shortly after each race.

Noteable Features:

  • Countdown to next event
  • Live weather forecast for race day
  • Up-to-date race results
  • Driver standings
  • Team standings
  • Detailed track layouts
  • Save event reminders to your favorite calendar
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Game of Life Live Wallpaper

Customizable and stylish live wallpaper based on Conway's game of life from the 1970s.

Personalization - 1,19 €
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The most advanced counter you'll ever need, at no cost

Productivity 4.4 Free
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Formula Race Calendar

Complete circuit guide and schedule for the 2017 Formula One season

Sports Utility 4.5 Free
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Media Remote

Control VLC or MPC with your phone

Utility 4.3 Free
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Media Remote Pro

Enjoy Media Remote without the ad

Utility - 1,59 €
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It's Sudoku

Puzzle Game 4.4 Free
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Simply Math

Be challenged with Simply Math - We provide the answer, you create the equation!

Puzzle Game 4.4 Free
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Create, share, vote, and watch the results flow in!

Social Utility 4.0 Free
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Create, preview, and save your favorite colors

Productivity 5.0 Free
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NATO Translator

View and translate text into your favorite phonetic alphabet

Utility 4.1 Free

"Anyone can make the simple complicated. Creativity is making the complicated simple."

- Charles Mingus

It's in our Nature

We see it as our job to offer our users the smoothest, most enjoyable experience, whilst fulfilling their requirements. Everything we produce, comes from the heart.

Design Process

Following and consulting guidelines is an important factor in our design process; users like using something they already know and are comfortable with.

Your Desire

No one likes to use unintuitive and unnecessarily complicated software, especially not if a simpler solution is possible. Keeping things simple is not just what we desire, but our users too.


Just because we keep things simple, doesn't mean we sacrifice quality or security. In fact, it requires a lot of effort and testing to keep things intuitive and easy to use.